Engineering and Construction

We have over 15 years of experience in engineering and construction. VERITAS CORP is the strategic partner to execute your projects in Peru

We offer engineering, logistic and construction services. We specialize in housing, hospitality, mining, energy, oil and gas, industry and infrastructure related to first tier-international companies.

We stand by our clients since the conception of the project and throughout its design, development, construction, implementation and operation. We cover all areas of the undertaking for each venture.

We work with reliable professionals from different fields, who are capable of successfully developing technically challenging projects while complying with the highest quality and operational standards.

We develop projects of diverse complexity across the lines of business of engineering, project supervision, EPCM services and environmental consulting.

Our division of engineering contributes to our clients by identifying specific areas of improvement thanks to the professionalism and strategic agility of our collaborators complimented by the most advanced technology.

Our accumulated knowledge and experience of more than fifteen years allows us to problem solve operational complexities and help companies to reduce risk and cost, simplify management processes, and improve productivity through the automation of certain activities to optimize production management.